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About us in 3:Sec

3:Sec GmbH is an international business-cards logistics company.
We specialize in business cards logistics for big corporations
and international companies.
Our service includes all parts of the logistic process of business
cards ordering in big companies; the on-line system setup,
the ordering and approval process, the printing and the
international distribution.
We humbly serve some of the biggest companies in the world,
companies like Kuehne & Nagel, Bossard AG, GF-Georg Fischer, Actelion and Victorinox to name a few…

Why are we called 3:Sec?

When one hands his business card, there are 3 seconds to impress.
All of our company’s activity – the people, the printing machines,
the software and the years of experience are all focused on making
these 3 seconds perfect.

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