What are EZ-packs?

…Well, we could tell you that EZ-packs are business-cards in booklets: that you can detach and reattach without leaving a single tearing mark.
But the fact is that EZ-packs are much more than “just” that. If you have been in the Printing industry for a couple of years now, we don’t have to explain how unprofitable regular business cards can be and how hard it is to be innovative and stand above the competition with business-cards.
That is exactly where EZ-packs come in to the picture: EZ-packs are a game changer in terms of market share for commercial printers.
Why? Because they are so simple and yet so genius, they are easy and cheap to manufacture but provides so much value for your customers and because they are in one word: Stylish!

End consumer advantages:

Easy to carry around.
Protects the business cards from creasing and bending.
Allows the consumer to keep booklets at key positions (office, briefcase, glove compartment etc.).
Act as a great “ice breaker” and conversation piece at meetings.
Luxurious and stylish look & feel.
No known limitation to paper types and finishing options.

Print provider advantages:

NO SPECIAL NEEDS –They do not require changes in the existing printing methods and processes, nor limited to paper-type or finishing methods.
LOW COSTS -Manufacturing costs are as low as 7% of the added revenue.
Allows the consumer to keep booklets at key positions (office, briefcase, glove compartment etc.).
INCREASE PROFITABILITY–They increase up sells, cross sells and retention rates of existing customers, and increase revenues.
NEW CUSTOMERS -they attract new consumers in search for a high quality product.
U.S. PATENT PROTECTED –The patent protection provides a competitive edge at an advantageous pricing model.
ADVERTISING PLATFORM–They enable a much needed brand enforcement and self promotion platform able to create a word-of mouth publicity.

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