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Upgrading corporate design? – Hottest and cost effective trends in business cards.

New corporate design means new business-cards; don’t miss this opportunity to Spice-up your company’s business cards.

We give you, the 5 hottest trends and upgrades that will take your corporate business cards to a (whole?) new level. Be sure to bring your company’s marketing department up to speed:

  1. UV selective lack: A glossy layer, placed in a predefined segment of the business card, commonly used to make your new corporate logo stand-out.
    Cost: 6-8€ extra for 100 cards (in a batch order, or as pre-printed stock paper).
  2. Rounded corners: Could be applied to any number of corners you choose, goes best with a rounded related corporate design.
    Cost: Should not cost a cent!
  3. FSC certified paper: Forget about “recycled” paper, FSC is this decade gold standard! Making sure that the paper you are using is:
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Socially responsible.
  • Economically viable.
  • Looks much better than “slicky” paper types.
    Cost: Should not cost a cent!
  1. QR-Code: A scanable barcode designed for Smartphones, which can contain: your contact information (to save as contact) or a link to your website.
    Cost: Should not cost a cent!
  1. EZ-Packs: This is a vast growing trend among innovative corporations, it’s still kept as secret among leading procurement managers, and are expected to be THE NEXT BIG THING in Corporate business-cards.
    EZ-Packs are business cards bounded in a polypropylene cover, which you can detach and re-attach. EZ-Packs come in ready-to-use booklets and have a luxurious look and feel, they do an amazing Job as ice breaker on meetings! (see product demo here).
    Cost: About 2€ extra for 100 cards.

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