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Case Study – want to increase sales by 20% with a minimal investment? Here is how…

Are you looking for a way to boost sales/revenue? You should read this short Case-Study.

One of our customers a large furniture retailer, has decided to print all of his vendors personal business-cards. The idea behind this initiative grew from the purchasing-department need to use up their end of the year office supply budget.

The management didn’t realize back then nor did they imagine the impact of this initiative, would have dramatic consequences on their sales. It turns out that sales were up by approximately 18% by the end of the 1st quarter, in which the business cards were introduced.

At first the management couldn’t explain this radical boost in sales. They were looking continuously for an explanation. After reviewing all kinds of alternative explanations such as seasonality or marketing efforts, they suddenly remembered the Business-Cards they printed at the end of last year.

  • How did the Business-Cards managed to boost sales?

Most people assume Business-Cards are a 1-Dimensional medium with the sole purpose of exchanging contact details; this cannot be more far from the truth, Business-Cards are Tokens, they are an extension of a person. When you hand someone a Business-Card, you are not just exchanging telephone numbers you establish a relationship.

Impact of personal Business-Cards on the Vendors – Up until that point, the vendors used a Generic business-card, where they had a place to write down their details and hand this generic card to the prospective buyer. The generic cards where hardly used by any of the vendors, for a couple of reasons:

  1. Due to its impersonal nature – the vendors didn’t bother carrying the generic cards.
  2. The vendors didn’t feel the need to give their personal details to the customers. They assumed that if a prospective customer will return to the store, they would get service from any other vendor.

The private Business-Cards turned the bowl upside down. First, the vendors reported being extra motivated just from the fact that they now had their own business-cards. They were proud of them and began carrying them at all times. This led to an incline in the amount of Business-Cards who were given to customers.

Furthermore the possession of private Business-Cards pushed the vendors to be much more service oriented and professional. They were trying to live up to an expectation they created for themselves. Knowing that they are going to handout a personal business-card at the end of the interaction, encourage them to take things much more seriously.

The professionality, courtesy and positive attitude from the vendors, worked like magic on the prospective customers. The intimate relations who were formed during the interaction with the vendor, made them come back to the store in no time to complete the purchase. The stores reported also that a lot of customers would insist to close the deal with the vendor who consulted them on the beginning, and were willing to come at a later time just to close the deal with this particular vendor.

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